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Assorted Special Toppings Donuts by Cake Company

8 regular sized donuts in one box! With 8 delicious flavors you can enjoy.

| Chocochip, Marshmallow, Oreo, Red Velvet, Lotus Caramel, Nutty Nutella, Boston Sprinkle, Sprinkle Donut |

Chocochip: Glazed chocolate donut topped with crispy chocolate chip cookie crumbs

Marshmallow: A velvety and sweet frosting with rainbow marshmallows

Oreo: A soft, airy donut with a creamy vanilla frosting and chopped Oreos

Red Velvet: Topped with cream cheese frosting and Red Velvet cake crumbs

Lotus Caramel: Glazed donut with Lotus Bisoff cream, crumbs, and bits of Russian caramel on top

Nutty Nutella: a generous filling of Nutella cream covered with toasted almonds and honeycomb

Boston Sprinkle: filled with a rich Boston cream topped with a glaze of sugar and sprinkles

Sprinkle Donut: frosted donut with pink icing and rainbow sprinkles

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