About Us

You're feeling lonely and homesick many thousands of miles away from your home and heath, and want to touch base with your loved ones. 
You want to be in the presence of those whose company you crave. 
Picking up the phone and calling is what one does on impulse, following it up with a gift delivery that physically connects you to those you have left behind. 
Sentiments Express works its magic through cyberspace. 
Sentiments Express offers you an instant choice from its wide collection of gifts that await your click. 
Sentiments Express materializes your choice halfway across the world to delighted squeals of love and laughter that gladden your heart so far away. 
Love and laughter of family, friends, and colleagues are what Sentiments Express is all about. 
We delight in your delight. We want to make you a happier person, and the world a happier place. 
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