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August 10, 2020

Fara Perfumes are the new emerging brand of perfumes in Pakistan. Their assortment addresses both men and women with exquisite and elegance fragrances. Fara offers fragrances focusing on young men and women with desire, fire, flare and much more. The idea behind Fara perfumes is to bring out the best of you and get noticed.

Perfumes for ladies Pakistan


If you are looking to send perfumes for her to Pakistan, Fara Perfumes has some great assortment and Scandal by Fa’ra tops the list of that. The bold and sassy notes of Scandal bring out that flare which is inside fiery women and it reflects the attitude of the boss. Another masterpiece that Fara Perfumes brings out in perfumes for ladies is named True Love which is a beautiful amalgamation of rose and magnolia notes. This is the ideal for women who ooze class and elegance. This could prove to be the best perfume for women who are not scared of challenges. Fara perfumes offer more varieties in the women category with Rubielette, Black and many more so you can send perfumes to her in Pakistan easily. 

Perfumes for men Pakistan


When it comes to perfumes for men, Fara perfumes have showcased their adept in this as well, with classy and sophisticated fragrances made exclusively to send perfumes to him for Pakistan. Seven by Fara is an amazing choice in perfume for men with its citrusy notes representing the attitude of a gentleman while its peachy notes expresses positivity making the men more desirable. Star Walker is an exclusive perfume for men who love to live their life with their own rules and don’t worry about the surroundings. It expresses the rebellious and uprising attitude of men with a lovely touch.

FARA Perfumes Pakistan

Fara perfumes are the new virtuoso in the perfumes and fragrance industry and are already making progress with leaps and bounds. They are the perfect gift to send perfumes to Pakistan on the big day of your loved ones.  They have a nice and considerate assortment of perfumes for ladies and men both and offer lovely collection for you to wear and bring out the best that is hiding in you.