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Robinia Honey

This rare and unique honey is harvested from wild Robinia Flowers which only blossoms for a week  in a year.  Organic Robinia honey is quite unique in the world of honey. To start with, it is low in sucrose content and a high fructose. This makes it a better choice for those who might be sensitive to sugar. Robinia honey is famous for its medicinal qualities too. This honey rarely crystallises because of its high fructose content. Produced from the nectar of Robinia flowers, this is perhaps one of most sought after honey€™s in the world.

Its benefits include

  • Protects against Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases
  • Helps in Relaxation and Reducing Anxiety
  • Helpful for Diabetics
  • Boosts Immune System and Protects from Respiratory Diseases
  • Helps in Treating Wounds and Eye Conditions
  • Good for Skin Care
  • Strong Antibacterial Properties
  • Good for Gastrointestinal Tract Problems
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