COVID-19 Protection Shield

We have a new gift addition for our customers in these hard times. Gift insurance to your loved ones

Introduction: TPL Life introduces COVID-19 Protection Shield – Pakistan’s first insurance plan that provides financial assistance for coronavirus.

Special Features:

  • Unmatched & First of its kind Insurance Product Offering for the Pakistani market.
  • Coverage for up to 5 family members (more members can be included at an additional premium)
  • A maximum of 12 family members can be included on a single policy
  • Financial assistance for diagnosis, hospitalization and fatality

Enrollment Criteria & Coverage:


18 to 70 Years

Children’s Age

6 months to 25 years

Policy Term/Duration

3 months or 6 months

Minimum Premium

*PKR 5,999 (3 months coverage)

Maximum Premium

*PKR 11,499 (6 months coverage)

Initial Benefit upon Diagnosis

PKR 30,000 (per Family)

Hospital Cash Assistance (per night benefit)

PKR 5,000 (per Member)

Funeral Expenses in case of Fatality

PKR 100,000 (per Member)


*Coverage for 5 family members including self, spouse, parents, siblings or children. For more than 5 members, an additional premium of PKR 1,000 per person will be charged for up to 12 members.


Please note: If the test for COVID-19 is positive, please provide certification from a registered medical facility for the claim processing. Pre-existing conditions are not covered.